Customer Success Stories

Customer success is everything to us as it is what allows us to drive and propel our business forward. If you think about it, this philosophy applies to every business in every industry. With this in mind, we have more of a whole industry view as it relates to what we do and how we can help those directly interacting with us in addition to the long term view of our industry. As such, many of the efforts and initiatives that we employ today really have much longer term outlooks that what may seem practical in the short term - thus reinforcing our committment to your success as well as the success of the larger beef industry as a whole for years to come.

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C & C Farms - Ephrata, WA

For nearly two decades we have been purchasing cattle herd genetics from the Forman Family.  Throughout that time we have benefited from structurally sound cattle that have low birth weights and hit the ground running.  Our rate of gain performance and overall carcass traits are among the highest in the industry while our mortality rate remains low.   Due to the consistency and evenness of the herd we retain 100% of the calf crop through the feed yard stage working over the past 5 years to improve the end product.  Our Dads have always said “take care of the cattle and they will take care of you” and one of the ways we accomplish this is through high quality Trinity Farms genetics.

Stingley Ranch - Ellensburg, WA

We have been buying bulls at Trinity Farms for 10 years now and are approaching 70 total bulls purchased. Since using their bulls our calving ease has improved while still maintaining the performance in our calves. Three years ago we started buying SimAngus bulls in addition to the Angus bulls we have been sourcing and are finding that our calves have noticeably more top and muscle in them than when we were running just straight black bulls. Our replacement heifer pen has improved dramatically, not only from a quality standpoint but also in terms of disposition. Due to the success we have experienced with the insertion of SimAngus into our program, we decided to A.I. our replacement heifers to a SimAngus bull last spring and anxiously await their calves. 

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Onyx Ranch - Bakersfield, CA

We have purchased over 80 bulls in the past few years at Trinity Farms and really like the quality and consistency that we find there. They adapt as well as any bulls we have ever bought, especially the higher percentage Angus bulls. The ranch is 350,000 acres and runs from the Mojave Desert to the Sierra Nevada Mountains which allows for some very challenging terrain. We feel we can come to Ellensburg, WA and buy higher quality bulls for our money than anywhere else we have found. Trinity bulls provide great value for the commercial cattleman.

Anderson W. Ranch - Condon, OR

This is a powerful 4 year old 3/4 angus (Pioneer son x Trinity Tank dam) bull. A great example of what your outstanding genetics are producing! Notice the rocks and dry grass? We don’t baby these guys! We appreciate all your family has done over the years to help us improve our weaning weights, maternal traits and disposition of our cattle!!

Anderson's 4 year old bull_Fall 2019.JPG