The Power Behind Genomics

Why DNA test? We have been asking ourselves that same question for a while. Our foray into DNA testing started years ago with confirmation of parentage and testing for homozygosity for color and polled/horned traits. Then with the uproar that surrounded genetic defects a few years ago, we added another layer to our DNA testing profiles. Our recent experience with testing for genomic enhancement began with testing of a few select bulls each year that we thought could have stud bull potential.


In 2016 we decided to begin testing ALL of our sale bulls in an effort to provide our customers not only the most up to date, genomic enhanced EPDs available, but even more importantly to provide another layer of risk management with the associated accuracies. Although we don’t know exactly where all of this is headed, we can guarantee that genomics will be a part of everyone’s future. The dairy, pork and poultry industries have fully embraced its use and I believe that we will see exponential application occur in the beef industry over the next few years.

All of the bulls in this year’s sale have had complete genetic testing and all results will be published in our catalog. Every bull will have the most up to date and accurate genomic enhanced EPDs available, all bulls will be identified for homozygosity for both color and polled and all bulls sell free of all known genetic defects. All of this is in addition to the standard performance testing, ultrasound for carcass traits, pre-sale breeding soundness exam, and the Trinity Farms stamp of approval that you have come to know and trust.


Chelse Forman