Advocating for Agriculture

As you know, folks in production agriculture are some of the absolute finest individuals you will ever come across. It is very rewarding to have the opportunity to be associated with such a great group of people. Unfortunately, although we in agriculture know this well, it is not always a story that we are so adept at telling the rest of the masses.

When we have events at the ranch, we often make the following statement, “Have you eaten today? If so be sure to hug a farmer”! At first you may think that odd, but I can tell you that with all of the activities we host attempting to bring those not involved in agriculture to the ranch for an educational opportunity, it is alarming how many people in the world do not realize how their food is produced or where it comes from. We don’t blame this on them, it is all they know, but we have come to the realization if we are to have a higher opinion of who we are and what we do in agriculture, it is up to us to tell the story.

We in agriculture can tell our story better than anyone else – we just need to make more of an effort to do so. So we challenge you to be an advocate for agriculture in any way that you can, especially when that opportunity involves a chance to inform the consumer of our truly world class products and about what we do and why we do it.


Explore Beef Experience - An in-depth look at the beef industry in Washington state

We have participated in the Washington State Beef Commission Explore Beef Experience for years. This typically is a 2 day event that starts with a visit and tour of Trinity Farms as the representative for the Cow/Calf sector of the beef industry. The backgrounds of participants has been very diverse and the effort has always been to have those in positions of potential influence of public opinion attend. This program has been extremely well received and has become a flagship of the Washington State Beef Commission’s educational efforts. To learn more visit

Beef Counts: Washington's Beef Community United Against Hunger

Hunger is a very real problem here in America, even right here in our own local communities. But through the Beef Counts program, the Washington Beef Community is fighting back! In fact, since 2010 the program and its partners have provided over 1 million servings of beef to local families and seniors in need!

We are truly honored to be a part of such wonderful community, committed to changing the world for the better, one serving of beef at a time!

Check out the video above and to learn how you can get involved visit:

Annual Kindergarten Farm Days

Wow, if you every think your day is rough on the ranch, just invite a bunch of kindergarteners out for a Farm Days field trip and you will end your day wondering how do those teachers do it every day. No wonder they need a whole summer vacation! What a wonderful opportunity to start them young and help them understand the purpose of a farm. Even more rewarding is the opportunity to impact so many of the parents that attend each year. It is amazing to us that even in this rural community we live in, how many people are so disconnected from agriculture that they have no real understanding of where their food comes from. We have a lot of opportunity for education here!

Support for Wounded Warrior Project

2019 will be the 7th year we have chosen to support the Wounded Warrior Project through our fundraising effort at our annual bull sale. Although this is not a direct link in the respect some of the other events that we participate in may be, we feel it is every bit as important. We feel blessed to get to choose what we do in our great nation and it is due in a large part to so many out there fighting for our freedoms. Please join us in supporting this very worthy cause. Learn more at

Chelse Forman